Nashville, Immediate

If you only have approximately 24 hours in a place (less than that if your flight is delayed!), what do you do? If we had a different 24 hours, we may have done something different; but here’s a quick nod to some awesome things to do while in Music City.

EAT: The Stimulus Package or the Recession Special at Robert’s Western World. For those of you that are unaware – PBR = Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and MHL = Miller High Life Beer. Either meal will get you through to the next time you get to sit (set!) down and Robert’s live music will not let you down.


DRINK: I’m always a fan of trying local. Grab yourself the Untappd app and go crazy at the places you visit. I highly recommend trying the Yazoo Summer. It hit the spot (refreshing) at 10 am in the morning following the night before…

PLAY: Catch a show at the Ryman. Doesn’t matter who it is or what genre… the venue is remarkable and the sound is fantastic. There’s hardly a bad seat in the house, and the lore behind the venue coupled with the fantastic service and the legendary Hatch Show Prints (see below) just make this the best music venue in America (imho).


LOVE: Music is everywhere. It is literally spilling into every street on or off Broadway. There are buskers every hundred feet or so – and every last one of them is an accomplished musician. People come to Nashville to prove they have what it takes in music – if you are a music lover, you can’t go wrong with Nashville. I must admit I was entranced by the skating fiddle player – no wonder everyone falls in love with a musician.

Busker du

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