Forecastle Festival – From Thom


Erica says that we should both highlight what we like about Forecastle Festival in Louisville, there’s so much to love – she’s probably right (normally is anyway).

As a bit of background: This is our 3rd year to go to Forecastle Festival – and while not the biggest festival in the states by far (or our home state of Texas!) – it has a family feel to it. For me…

EAT: Throughout the day. Please. You don’t want to be the person that passes out because you didn’t eat enough (or drink enough water!). So please, EAT! I highly recommend going to the local area near the front gate (that sells show posters, merch, local artisan crafts, etc.), and try some of the local food trucks. Tacos for me.



DRINK: Beer. Lots and lots of beer. (But mix it up with water – because, again, you don’t want to be the person that passes out.)forecastle2

PLAY: In the middle of day in July – it’s hot in Louisville, Kentucky. Cool off for a bit in the Bourbon Lodge. Many of the local bourbons have a small bar in the lodge and you can have them mixed to your specifications or drink it neat if you’re so inclined. It can be a bit pricey in the lodge, but consider that you’re also paying to be cool, out of the sun, and have a nice ‘VIP’ style bathroom. Memberships to the lodge are $30 – comes with 15 drink tickets (which don’t go far) and a nice thermal bourbon cup.




LOVE: Music. Whatever you prefer. Whatever you have never heard. Allow yourself to be open to new music, and feel comforted by familiar tunes. Experience it with friends or family or both. Connect with people you’ve never met before and share passions.


(As a side note: Joan Shelley absolutely knocked it out of the park. Check out one of her tunes below.)
Joan Shelley – Siren

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