Forecastle Festival – From Thom

Erica says that we should both highlight what we like about Forecastle Festival in Louisville, there’s so much to love – she’s probably right (normally is anyway). As a bit of background: This is our 3rd year to go to Forecastle Festival – and while not the biggest festival in the states by far (or our home state of Texas!) – it has a family … Continue reading Forecastle Festival – From Thom

Trinkets to Have – from Japan

I have always liked to collect things. I think it’s human nature. Most everyone has a passion or a collection of something, but beyond the every day collection – many people keep mementos or trinkets from their journey through life. Postcards along the way. While in Japan, here a few things that we snagged along the way – either for us or for someone else. … Continue reading Trinkets to Have – from Japan