Poke and Chill

For those nights when you want to eat fancy, but not be fancy… Eat: Home-made poke bowls. Made from: Sushi-grade tuna, yellowtail, and salmon. (splashed with soy sauce) Avocado White onion Green onion Persian cucumber (splashed with rice vinegar) Hot red pepper Sushi rice seasoning A sauce made from rice vinegar, shishito peppers, hot red peppers, lemon juice, garlic, mint, cilantro, and olive oil. (Feature … Continue reading Poke and Chill

Trinkets to Have – from Japan

I have always liked to collect things. I think it’s human nature. Most everyone has a passion or a collection of something, but beyond the every day collection – many people keep mementos or trinkets from their journey through life. Postcards along the way. While in Japan, here a few things that we snagged along the way – either for us or for someone else. … Continue reading Trinkets to Have – from Japan